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In fact I’ve even seen some dommes on twitter describe themselves as Daddies via expressions like “Who’s your Daddy now? ” I get why they’d do this, but it seems somewhat odd for a female dominant to draw on a male archetype to emphasize dominance. Nor do I have a value judgement about the current state of affairs. Artwork is by Barbara O’Toole who often seemed to specialize in the older women – young man genre.

Typically when someone talks about wanting a Daddy-Dom or a Daddy/Baby relationship they’re using it as a shorthand for a style of relationship rather than claiming an incest kink. Any reference to ‘Mommy’ is always about incest roleplay of the naughty son who needs disciplining, educating or restraining.

Based on my limited and entirely anecdotal observations, I’d say this second more abstract usage is a lot more prevalent than the first. I don’t see dominant women describe themselves as ‘Mommies’ and pro-dommes always list ‘Mommy’ under their roleplay sections rather than their style of play.

I just thought it was an interesting observation to share.

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