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The new LS delivers the most dynamic driving experience in the model’s history, with the F Sport version – available in both petrol and petrol-electric hybrid versions – engineered to enhance that performance even further.Read full article Louwman Exclusive is a member of one of the most memorable automotive groups in The Netherlands: The Louwman Group, established in 1923 as importer of well-known brands of that time.When you’re finished with hitting that follow button you’ll finally understand why everyone has a dash cam in Russia.

Anavio has been established by Daniel Horsley, Emiliano Leggieri and Dario Sacchetti. Anavio was one of the earlier forts built in Britannia by the Romans in A. For a hundred years the fort was on the northernmost edge of the Roman Empire before expansion moved that line to Northumberland and then into the lowlands of Scotland.Back in the day, this brunette hosted the show called Sex with Anfisa Chekhova, and luckily, today is very active on Instagram where she has a million followers.Perhaps an unexpected entry for some, as a Nina Kraviz is a techno DJ and a one that doesn’t base her success on her looks or a sexual gimmick.From the freezing Siberia, this fireball of energy is a true master at what she does and also incredibly cute besides it.You’ll get much more than selfies from Nina’s Instagram profile.

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