Crystalens hd accommodating lens going on dates but not dating

I bet all of us can say (at some point in our life) that we have awakened in the morning, looked in the mirror and found a red lump on our eyelid. If it worsens, you may have a chalazion going on there and you should schedule to come in to see us.Elasticity of the crystalline lens decreases as part of the normal aging process.Pupil and Iris measurements: These are taken with a pupil card, ruler or pupillometer to determine the eye’s pupil and iris size.

We can order any custom prescription contact lens available on the market today.This condition can be very irritating so it’s best to schedule with Dr.Fezza, our “eyelid” plastic surgeon, who will decide if surgery is necessary.There are many types of contact lenses available, with different materials (soft and rigid), bifocals, color and a variety of replacement schedules as well.Your optometric physician will suggest the best lens design and material for you.

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