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In Australian television drama A Place to Call Home (season 2), current events bring painful memories of war for the Australian-born Jewish convert Sarah Adams.

Heger claims that Himmler directed that all gay prisoners were to make compulsory visits to the camp brothel once per week as a means of "curing" them of their sexual orientation.

The first camp brothel was established in Mauthausen/Gusen in 1942.

After 30 June 1943, a camp brothel existed in Auschwitz, and from 15 July 1943, in Buchenwald. Those with access to the customer lineup (Aryan VIPs only), had to sign up for a specific day and pay two reichsmarks for a 20-minute "service" based on a predetermined schedule. The market for the "prize-coupons" was routinely cornered by the common criminals who wore the green triangles (hence the "green men" denomination).

Any producer can go online and recruit a girl on [the small ads website] craigslist.

You just need to prove that you're 18 years old, but anybody can do it and its art, protected by the First Amendment, freedom of speech." Bauer, a former Miami Herald journalist, has already made a film on a similar theme: 2012's Sexy Baby used a 12-year-old girl's story to explore the growing sexualization of youth and popular culture via social media.

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Camp attended public school in Granby through the eighth grade.

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