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Shekhavati art will be used to depict the rich history of the fort in the landscape.An impressive Six Senses Spa, located in the original women’s palace, will feature an extensive ayurveda program, meditation and Six Senses Integrated Wellness programs including Six Senses Integrated Wellness and Sleep with Six Senses.The main focus of this web-page is on the Omani Arabs in Zanzibar and East Africa during the 19th century. The Omani went to East Africa for many centuries because there were a lot of goods for sale they were interested in and in the right monsoon season the trade-winds blew their dhows from Oman to Zanzibar and back again in another monsoon season.In 1856 the British used a "divide and rule" tactic to exploit a succession conflict after the death of Said bin Sultan that resulted in a split between Oman and Zanzibar and a gradual decline of the prosperity of Oman that lasted until 1970.Six Senses Spas incorporate local healing traditions with holistic rejuvenation treatments administered under the guidance of expert therapists and visiting practitioners.

Navy officers & Omani official including the Indian Tharia Topan tax-collector in Zanzibar (frontow right).Thirty minutes from the Ranthambhore National Park and famous for its tiger population, Six Senses will offer daily safari drives into the 540 square mile (1,400 square kilometer) park.The sanctuary is home to a variety of wildlife including leopard, nilgai, wild boar, sambar, sloth bear, southern plains gray langur, rhesus macaque and chital plus a wide varierty of trees, plants, birds and reptiles.Inside the historic fort, three buildings which traditionally accommodated the common, men’s and women’s palaces and two temples are being preserved and restored.Outside the fort, the property faces the local village to the west and protected land that will be reforested to the east.

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