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’” A handful of miracle couples have come out of her dinners—and one marriage is on the way.

My own experience after Shabatness resulted in a handful of dates, a very classic courtship, and a typical falling out of disinterest by both parties—but it was a better match for me than any tech-assisted dating I’ve tried.

Labe Eden, a committee member at Presen Tense who has attended a few Shabbatness dinners, says he was struck by Davis and her idea from the get go. The idea could seem old school—but each dinner has its own special twist.

He explains it as a more wholesome experience than dating at a bar. One dinner was called Bourbon and Beatbox, where contestant and special guest Jay Stone beatboxed the Shema, a prayer from the Torah.

“You don’t just have to do it for Shabbat, there can be Christian dinners, Muslim dinners,” Stanger says.

“There are ways to do this for any type of common interest.” Davis has a long way to go before the company is truly ringing in a profit.

But after traveling Europe and researching the genocide, she felt it a strong pull toward preserving Jewish heritage and rituals. A 2013 PEW study revealed that the percentage of U. adults who say they are Jewish when asked about their religion has been cut by about half since the late 1950s.

And more than half of Jewish Americans have married a non-Jewish spouse.

Davis got access to mentors, donors and business classes to put her vision in place.(At the dinner I attended, fewer than half the group could read Hebrew.) There are small touches of Jewish customs like her logo, a heart-shaped Challah bread, and the business’ name, “Shabbatness.” Nes means miracle in Hebrew, Davis says.“So my mom said: ‘What about the miracle of Shabbat?I’m sitting in a Manhattan apartment watching the sun set with 11 of New York’s most eligible Jewish singles.It’s Friday night and the table is a traditional Shabbat setting—a Kiddush cup filled with red wine, freshly-blessed candles and challah bread that’s been ripped apart and passed around the table.

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“The studies disturb me, and there are small things to do to keep the tradition alive but make it our own,” she says.

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