Traits of intimidating people

Characters can learn these typical attitudes about their class with a DC 10 Knowledge (local) check (DC 5 for attitudes of their own race).

The following race discussions also describe alternate racial traits for each character race.

Unless otherwise noted, these benefits always stack with themselves.

This chapter also contains a list of alternate class features for each race.

Some of them play on racial archetypes not reflected in the standard racial traits, like a gnome's love of languages or tinkering or a halfling's mastery of thrown items or of slipping through a battlefield under the feet of larger races.

Racial traits, on the other hand, are those racial abilities described at the bottom of each race's description.

Some races have few racial traits, like half-orcs and humans. All of these racial traits represent typical members of the race and the kinds of special abilities they gain from their heritage, whether from biology, racial attitudes, or otherwise.

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These expanded looks at racial attitudes can help give definition and depth to each race and spark ideas for how and why members of that race might be inclined to pursue one class rather than another, or what challenges they might face in adopting a career that goes against the grain of their society.

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