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In the recent court filing, TMG appears to confirm the authenticity of the messages.'Depp and his long-time assistant publicly denied the messages and outrageously accused Heard of manufacturing them,' one filing states.'TMG is informed and believes that Depp knew full well that the text messages were genuine, but pressured and berated his assistant to falsely challenge the texts publicly.' It comes after email exchanges between Depp and TMG dating back to 2009 that discussed his financial status were also made public in court documents.

The management firm submitted the emails Depp sent as part of a 109-page document fighting back against the star's attempts to keep his former agent and lawyer from being subpoenaed in the case.

As for the bombshell actress herself, fashion-wise, she tends to go in the opposite direction: Long skirts or dresses, femme cardigans, upswept or side-swept hair. That's because it's the same style that Johnny's freshly minted ex, Vanessa Paradis , seemed to prefer.After Traci Lords released her autobiography, "Underneath It All," in 2003, some readers took her story of climbing into bed with Depp -- and then fleeing from it -- as evidence that the two "Cry-Baby" co-stars had The proof of Depp's love for Winona Ryder was once permanently inked on the actor's lanky frame.The "Edward Scissorhands" co-stars met on the set of the 1990 film, and were romantically involved for four years.At the time, Depp was gaining a reputation as a heartthrob and a serial proposer.He was also tied to "Dirty Dancing's" Jennifer Grey after his breakup with Allison, and is thought to have proposed to her as well.

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