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I resent that, but maybe her pain was more raw than her love, and the art that resonated sprang from that place.

Jill, by comparison, has always struck me as complete in her personhood. "It's just me / one is the magic number," she sang back in 2000.

And this is not shade; it's just why it's easy for me to look at Jill as an honest homegirl, as a godmother, as a griot.

Jilly from Philly is Crown Royal on ice in an empty, vodka-soda world.

“Hot Seat” featured a slew of all-important firsts, like Mary Jane dating a white man and Jackie (played by singer-actress Jill Scott) making an appearance in an attempt to connect with her daughter Niecy.And, as it turns out, she – just like the Paul clan – has a fair amount of issues, namely guilt about being absent from her daughter’s life and a struggle to etch out a career as a celebrity hair stylist.But with her fun-loving attitude and a sound perspective, it’s no wonder that Niecy loves her mom – and now we do too.At times when performing it live she renders it like an opera, in Spanish or both. Marriage was never presented by her as a destination or a prize.This is to say that Jill Scott has sung about receiving love from a man, and enjoying it, totally. It is, rather, one phase in the unfolding of life — something to enjoy in the present and learn from if it becomes the past.

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